Vol 10, No 1 (2007)

Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer

Table of Contents

Basic Research

Effect of endothelin-1 on the proliferation of human lung adenocarcinoma cell SPC-A1 PDF
Qianjun YE, Juan ZHOU, Weimin ZHANG 1-4
Effects of reducing FasL expression on T cell apoptosis in lung cancer cell line H460 via siRNA technology PDF
Mingzhang XIANG, Yaoguang JIANG, Huichun WANG, Yidan LIN 5-8
Effects and mechanism of decorin on the proliferation of A549 lung adenocarcinoma cells in vitro PDF
Shuo LIANG, Chengping HU, Bixiu HE, Dongpo ZHOU, Ying XIA 9-13

Clinical Research

Expression and their clinical significance of SSTR2A, SSTR5 and EGFR in non-small cell lung cancer PDF
Xin LIU, Huifang TIAN, Xiuwen WANG, Jiyuan DING 14-19
Relationship between expression of apoptosis-related genes and multidrug resistance genes in lung cancer tissues and their clinical significance PDF
Li ZHANG, Hong YANG, Dandan DONG 20-24
Clinical significance of 99mTc-tetrofosmin SPECT in the diagnosis of lung neoplasms and mediastinal lymph node involvement PDF
Daijuan HUANG, Yongxue ZHANG, Feng ZHAO, Jianjun WANG 25-28
Prognostic significance of angiogenesis and blood vessel invasion in stage Ⅰ non-small cell lung cancer after complete surgical resection PDF
Shijie ZHOU, Shaofa XU, Haiqing ZHANG, Zhidong LIU, Zikun LIANG, Xiaoyun SONG, Ying JIANG, Dan ZHAO 29-33
Surgical treatment for lung cancer in the elderly PDF
Qiang LI, Wenguang XIAO, Tianpeng XIE, Jingtao HE, Yongtao HAN, Jiang ZHU 34-36
Analysis of preoperative concurrent chemoradiotherapy in the treatment of patients with superior sulcus tumor of the lung PDF
Wenwu WANG, Xuenong OUYANG, Hao JIANG, Guanghua FAN 37-39
Clinical study of interventional preoperative bronchial artery infusion chemotherapy combined with surgical resection for lung cancer PDF
Mingwu LI, Shuhong TANG, Yong ZHOU 40-43
Oxaliplatin combined with gemcitabine in the treatment of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer PDF
Jinghua ZHU, Wei JIANG 44-47
Combined chemotherapy of paclitaxel and cisplatin in the treatment of relapsed small cell lung cancer PDF
Jun LU, Liping LIU, Xiaohong YANG 48-50
Therapeutic effect of taxol combined with cisplatin for pulmonary metastasis from breast cancer PDF
Gangguo ZHANG, Feilang LI 51-53
Misdiagnosis analysis of pulmonary lymphomatosis carcinomatous PDF
Yan XIAO, Haiyan WANG, Hongwei WANG, Zhongguang WEN 54-57

Rapid Communication

肺癌恶性胸腔积液中树突状细胞的诱导及生物学特性 PDF
闫 廷赞, 黄 建安, 朱 一蓓, 黄 勇, 张 学光 58-60

Clinical Experience

微创置管加高聚金葡素胸腔内注射治疗非小细胞肺癌伴恶性胸腔积液疗效观察 PDF
孙 成英, 王 荔枝 61-63
应用电视胸腔镜技术诊治恶性胸水的临床观察 PDF
王 京, 王 天佑, 吕 可洁, 崔 永 64-65
肺癌术后并发心律失常96例原因分析 PDF
王 青, 王 媛媛, 陈 青 66-67


抑制性消减杂交技术及其在肺癌研究中的应用 PDF
梁 锐, 金 克炜, 畅 继武 68-71
动物模型在肺癌研究中的应用 PDF
吕 慧, 周 清华 72-75
血管内皮生长因子C、D与肿瘤淋巴转移的关系 PDF
王 振东, 王 平 76-79
非铂类化疗方案治疗进展期NSCLC的进展 PDF
肖 永营, 施 毅, 宋 勇 80-82

Case Reports

原发性肺透明细胞瘤一例 PDF
梁 书增, 陆 军, 程 辉 57

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